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Artists Forward
Artist Assistance Program
The Sony Music Artist Assistance Program is a broad global effort aimed at promoting the wellbeing of our signed talent and providing them with relevant information and key resources for their careers.

As part of the program, we offer a range of wellness solutions to our global on-roster talent, including:
Artist Healthcare Advocacy

On-roster and legacy Sony Music Entertainment artists in the U.S. seeking support in addressing healthcare needs and health insurance-related issues have access to free, personalized healthcare advocacy services from Music Heath Alliance, a leading nonprofit helping thousands of members of the music community navigate the healthcare system. Dedicated and experienced MHA advocates work with artists to provide assistance with obtaining and utilizing healthcare coverage, locating a doctor, managing healthcare bills, and more.

Any communication with an MHA advocate is 100% confidential and bound by HIPAA privacy guidelines.

For more information about using MHA services and to get started, visit
Artist Counseling Services

On-roster Sony Music Entertainment artists can connect with a dedicated, licensed therapist at no cost to address stress, anxiety, depression, grief, family and relationship matters and more. Support is available in over 70 languages and use of the program is completely confidential.

If you are an active Sony Music artist and want more information on how to use this service, click here.
In addition to our Wellness initiatives, we are working to further build out our offerings under Artist Assistance.

We are enhancing resources focused on answering roster and participant questions around earnings statements, payments, and how our data and analytics tools work.

Also, we’re developing programs to provide expanded information and resources to our talent globally about being a member of Sony Music’s roster—as well as best practices to maximize the promotion and success of their releases.

Learn more about how we are supporting our roster with Artist Assistance by clicking here.
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