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Artists Forward
At Sony Music we are prioritizing the wellbeing of our roster,
enhancing opportunities for our earnings participants,
making it faster and easier than ever to access available funds,
and offering actionable data and insights to inform decision making
in a dynamic, demanding market.
We call this our
Artists Forward initiative.
It’s a first-of-its-kind strategic effort to ensure we are providing comprehensive support to our talent in all aspects of their careers.
Find out more about programs and resources available to Sony Music artists.
Free Counseling Services
It’s okay not to be okay.
That’s why Sony Music artists around the world have access to free, confidential counseling services in over 70 languages.
We offer the ability to connect with a licensed therapist as part of our Artist Assistance Program, which provides wellbeing resources to on-roster Sony Music artists globally.
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Artist Healthcare Advocacy
Navigating the American healthcare system can be challenging.
Sony Music artists have dedicated healthcare advocates in their corner so they don’t have to go at it alone.
As part of our Artist Assistance Program, on-roster and legacy SME artists in the U.S. can access free, personalized healthcare advocacy services for confidential support in obtaining and utilizing healthcare coverage, locating a doctor, managing healthcare bills, and more.
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Legacy Unrecouped Balance Program
Long-term artists want more financial opportunities.
Through our Legacy Unrecouped Balance Program, we’ve paid through millions of dollars globally to thousands of qualifying artists signed over 20 years ago. We’re just getting started.
New cohorts of our music creators and participants become eligible for the program annually at the start of each year, creating more financial opportunity for greater numbers of our long-standing artists.
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Real Time Artist Tools
Music creators want fast, flexible access to their earnings.
Sony Music participants have withdrawn millions of dollars using our industry-leading Cash Out and Real Time Advances features.
It’s all part of our suite of industry-leading Real Time Artist tools providing artists with best-in-class payment solutions, and up-to-the-moment updates on their earnings and audience engagement data.
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Get Started
Getting started with our Artists Forward offerings is easy. Whether you’re on roster now or a legacy SME artist, step one is making sure your account information is up to date.
If you think you qualify for Artists Forward services but haven’t been notified of eligibility, or received any eligible earnings through this program, your contact information with us might have lapsed.
Providing your current contact and banking details enables you to receive any qualifying earnings, use our industry-leading tools for tracking earnings and fan engagement in real time, quickly access available funds, and more.