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Artists Forward is a new global initiative from Sony Music Entertainment, prioritizing transparency and support for our music creators in all aspects of their development.

Our programs include:

Artist Assistance – a broad global effort aimed at promoting wellness for our signed talent and providing them with relevant information and key resources for their careers. Learn more

Legacy Unrecouped Balance Program – an initiative paying through qualifying earnings to many of our long-standing artists and participants globally without regard to their recoupment status. Learn more

Real Time Artist Tools – a suite of offerings for our artists and participants around the world providing industry-leading earnings, payment and insights capabilities that enable greater financial flexibility and fast, informed creative decision making. Learn more

Artist Assistance Program

As part of our Artist Assistance Program, we offer a range of wellness solutions to Sony Music talent, including:

Artist Counseling Services
On-roster Sony Music Entertainment artists can connect with a dedicated, licensed therapist at no cost to address stress, anxiety, depression, grief, family and relationship matters and more. Support is available in over 70 languages and use of the program is completely confidential.

If you are an active Sony Music artist and want more information, or if you would like to make an appointment, please visit the Sony Music Artist Portal for details on how to use this service

Artist Healthcare Advocacy
On-roster and legacy Sony Music Entertainment artists in the U.S. seeking support in identifying options and solutions for addressing healthcare needs and health insurance related issues can access free, personalized healthcare advocacy services from Music Heath Alliance (MHA). MHA is a leading nonprofit helping thousands of members of the music community navigate the healthcare system. Dedicated and experienced MHA advocates work with artists to provide assistance with obtaining and utilizing healthcare coverage, locating a doctor, managing healthcare bills, and more.

Any communication with an MHA advocate is 100% confidential and bound by HIPAA privacy guidelines.

For more information about using MHA services and to get started, visit

In addition to our Wellness initiatives, we’re also creating a range of service solutions and professional development tools to help enhance their experience as members of the Sony Music roster.

Learn more about how we are supporting our roster with Artist Assistance by clicking here.

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Legacy Unrecouped Balance Program

To enhance our level of service under Artists Forward, we are launching a new Legacy Unrecouped Balance Program for artists and participants signed to SME prior to the year 2000 who have not received an advance from the year 2000 forward.

If you received confirmation that you have qualified for the Legacy Unrecouped Balance Program, please click here and fill out the Registration Form.

If you think you may qualify for the Legacy Unrecouped Balance Program but have not yet received confirmation, provide the requested information below so we can research if you are eligible.

Real Time Artist Tools

Sony Music processes and analyzes billions of artist and participant transactions across hundreds of digital services worldwide each day. We offer our artists a pair of industry leading solutions for up-to-the-moment updates on their earnings and audience engagement data, and quick access to available funds:

Sony Music Artist Portal is a mobile app and desktop website for SME participant financial data that provides users with best-in-class Real Time Artist Tools for instantly tracking earnings, cashing out payable monthly account balances, receiving advances on qualifying projected earnings and making sense of trends.

Real Time Insights is a mobile app for artists and their teams focused on providing marketing and creative data for detailed analysis of the platforms, playlists and audiences driving track breakthroughs around the globe. With Real Time Insights, users can optimize their creative strategies and efficiently scale their fanbase.

To learn more about our data tools for artists click here.

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