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Real Time Artist Tools
Sony Music processes and analyzes billions of artist and participant transactions across hundreds of digital services worldwide each day. We offer our artists industry-leading solutions for up-to-the-moment updates on their earnings and audience engagement data, plus quick access to available funds.
We call these our Real Time Artist Tools and they are accessible through the Sony Music Artist Portal, a mobile app and desktop website for SME participant payments, financial data and insights

Features Include:
Real Time Royalties, providing immediate updates about your global royalty earnings and account balances as soon as we receive financial reporting from hundreds of digital distribution services on a monthly basis.

Real Time Trends, industry‐leading analytics capabilities to interpret your Real Time Royalties data in robust and powerful ways, giving you faster insights into your earnings trends so you can make highly‐informed decisions.

Cash Out,giving you even greater control over your money by providing you with the ability to request a withdrawal of all or part of your payable balance every month using the Sony Music Artist Portal with no fees or charges. (Payments on any remaining account balances that have not been withdrawn through Cash Out are issued on our normal schedule.)

Real Time Advances, enabling qualifying artists and participants who use the Sony Music Artist Portal to receive advances based on their future projected earnings.
To learn more about our data tools for artists click here.
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